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Kookaburra County Test Ball

Kookaburra County Test Ball
PKR 750.00
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Model: Kookaburra County Test Ball
Manufacturer: Kookaburra
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Kookaburra County Test Ball Kookaburra County Test Ball Kookaburra County Test Ball

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Red coloured County Test cricket ball from Kookaburra. This excellent quality ball has hand stitched 4-piece construction with 5 layer quilted centre. It is ideal for club and league-level games.
Material 4- Piece Alum Tanned Indian Leather
Internal  Air Dried Inner Core.
Water resistantace Water Proof
Layers  5 Layer Quilted Centre.
Colour Red

Select Kookaburras County Test cricket ball for your kit. This marvellous cricket ball is waxed and finished to meet English weather requirements. The ball also has good quality centre construction for providing better grip to the bowler. It is also shined to meet the Test Match requirements.Kookaburra is the largest manufacturer of Cricket Balls in the world. With over 100 years of experience in making Balls

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