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Gold Nutrition V-Protein - 1kg chocolate

Gold Nutrition V-Protein - 1kg chocolate
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Model: Gold Nutrition V-Protein - 1kg chocolate
Manufacturer: Gold Nutrition
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Characteristics Gold Nutrition V-Protein - 1kg chocolate

  • Complements high-protein or vegetarian diets
  • Adds an alkalizing protein source to the diet
  • High vegetable-origin protein content
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Boosts muscle toning
  • Avoids loss of muscle tissue

GoldNutrition® V-Protein is a product rich in vegetable proteins (83%), which contains all the essential amino acids for the body, does not contain sugars and has low saturated fat content. With a naturally delicious taste, it also contains Spectra™, a mixture of 29 fruits, vegetables and herb extracts with multiple benefits for the body. GoldNutrition® V-Protein can be used as a complement or replacement for protein consumption in diets with greater protein needs and vegetarian and vegan diets, with the protein helping maintain the muscle mass and bone mass. It can also be consumed to balance the body’s pH, owing to its alkaline potential. Vegetable protein is a more bio-sustainable option because the production of plant-origin foodstuffs has less impact on the environment and a lower cost.

The main protein source of GoldNutrition® V-Protein is the pea. This vegetable is very rich in essential amino acids, especially BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) and glutamine. Amino acids are important both for doing sport, when rapid recovery is wanted and in order to boost training capacity, and in terms of health, given that they preserve the muscle mass which is gradually lost with age (sarcopenia) as well as boosting the immune system. The complement of the whole-grain rice protein gives rise to a more complete amino acid profile, given that pea protein has methionine as a limiting amino acid and rice is a good source of this amino acid. It is also a good choice for people seeking a more alkaline diet, as vegetable-based supplements have proven to have this effect. 

GoldNutrition® V-Protein also contains a patented mixture (of vegetables, fruit and plants) called Spectra®, with several benefits for the body. As well as a high antioxidant effect, which is important given the external attacks our cells are subject to (pollutants, radiation, psychological stress, and in many cases, poor food choices), it also brings benefits in terms of nitric oxide synthase, inflammatory response and maintenance of a stable blood sugar level. These are all factors that contribute to optimum health.

Health claims

  • Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Suggested usage

As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, drink a shake (1 serving) per day as a complement to your protein intake. To prepare one shake, add 1 levelled scoop (24 g) to 200 ml of water. Shake well and serve.

Format and flavour

GoldNutrition V-Protein - 1kg / Chocolate


Pea protein (89%), cocoa powder (5%), whole-grain rice protein (3%), chocolate flavouring, Spectra® (see vanilla flavour), sodium chloride. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Produced in installations where gluten, egg, soya, lactic products and fish are manipulated, so may contain vestiges of these ingredients.   

Nutritional information

  Per 100g Por dosis Per dose (25g) % RI *
Energy 375kcal / 1588kJ 94kcal / 397 kJ 4
Lipids 1,8g 0,5g 1
Of which saturated 0,4g 0,1g 1
Carbohydrates 6,5g 1,6g 1
Of which sugars 0,2g <0,1g 0
Fibre 2,83g 0,71g -
Proteins 82g 20g 39
Salt 3g 1g 14
Sodium 1395mg 349mg -
* RI: Reference dose for an average adult (8400Kj/2000_Kcal)

 Not recommended in the case of kidney or liver impairment.
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